28.07.10 - Team TD4 site removed as it was pointless! Had a baby boy (Elliot, born March 16th 2010). Finally got around to sorting out the website a bit. Visit my Honcho Blog to see what I've been doing in my spare time. It's Rachael's Bithday tomorrow, happy birthday baby!

27.03.09 - Team TD4 site updated with forum. Go register now!

08.03.09 - Team TD4 Rockcrawling site almost ready!

23.02.09 - YAY we bought a house!!

Well after much stress and sleepless nights Rachael and I have bought a lovely house in Northumberland that looks onto a big grassy cricket pitch with pleasing trees all around it. We're very excited to get into the house, the last we heard the surveyor bloke was going around to give it a good once over before we can get a move in date, which hopefully won't be long! So that's good !

Valentines day has been and gone, Rachael got me this fantastic book with all our photos printed in it. It's a record of our journey so far and it's the best valentines day present I ever got. I love you so much baby! Thank you !!

On a slightly less good note our beloved Fiat Punto, the Black Pearl has become stricken with a bad case of extreme timing belt failure. With any luck old John the friendly mechanic will sort it out for us tomorrow. FINGERS CROSSED !!! I don't want to have to buy another car! I've had too many already for one man!! Argh !

I'm working on making a dedicated section on the site for my remote control Rock Crawler, these things are amazingly capable and anyone calling them a 'toy' should be smacked with a sock containing a large 7000mah battery pack. I will try to make the link to the new page apparent when it arrives with lots of arrows.

If you're reading this and have a few quid to spare, get onto ebay.co.uk and search for 'My Fingernail' and 'My Immortal Soul'. Damian needs the cash so get bidding chumps.

09.02.09 - ZOMG House Hunting!

We've been house hunting over the weekend and we've seen a lovely house so today I will be phoning the broker and demanding a superb mortgage deal! Come on !! It's also been snowing pretty badly these last couple of weeks so getting around the place has been slow and cold. Having sold off both of my 4x4's I find that getting around northumberland in crappy weather can be a bit of a pain. I'm working on a new bit of my website that will house some links to interesting stuff on the net and some photos I've been taking.

Tip for the other system admins out there, get Microsoft Steadystate! It's fab !

Also we've been playing epic games of Warcraft III on the LAN, it's great when you manage to get your mrs involved in the game :-)

Check out Epic War for a whole load of free Warcraft III maps.


21.01.09 - Another day in paradise.

Well thank god there's not long till Rachael comes home! That's all I have to say about that!

My damn car had a blip today when I drove it home, immobilisers are gay and I'm going to bypass mine. Yield to me punto ! I'm handy with a soldering iron you big shit.

Bored and lonely I broke out my trusty Atari STe. Check out the LGD for some cool retro gaming fun. I spent several days imaging floppies with old warez menus. Sweet. For more info on how to correctly image floppies so they'll work on yoru Atari ST email me.

Spent all day at the office writing up a connectivity report and installing Internet Explorer 7 onto some crappy HP boxes. Took forever and I ended up getting all sweaty and minging, ah glorious shower of relaxation and cleanliness! I drew a duck in the steam on the shower window.

Well I suppose I better go to bed and prepare myself for yet another day in paradise. I hope my car is ok!!


20.01.09 More news ! Well, Rachael is still away on holiday so I'm still uber lonely but work is keeping me busy in her absence and I'm doing my best to make the time go by quickly! Argh ! She's about to take part in a 1 mile walk with the band Hanson (they rock, shut up) who are raising money for Africa! Well done babycakes!

Having to drive around the County doing network inspections at all of our sites and writing up a report on it. At least it gets me out of the office and wandering about the place!

Snowstorms yesterday over the moors in Northumberland but my new 450 quid glorious car (the black pearl) is a sturdy vessel and handled the crappy weather no problems. I have sent it into the garage so the local friendly mechanic can give it a good once over.

I am planning on doing more with my website but life is hectic and I have no time yet!

It was good seeing Rob up north in the old stomping grounds again, it was fun seeing you mate, sorry it took me so long to arrange for some adequate transport!

Right better get on with some work or something... ttfn !

Behold the TD4 ninja strike force.


13.01.09 New website with absolutely tiny writing uploaded! For those of you with thick thick glasses you'll need to polish them or you won't be able to read all this text. I need to pack it in. Use a screen reader if you can't manage it.

Rachael is about to go on her holiday to the Bahamas ! Have fun babycakes I love you !! I will miss you while you're away and end up eating fast food crapola!

Nice to see Rob up north again ! I will try and get a vehicle for Friday or something but having sold both my 4x4s I'm in a bit of a bind!

To discuss things with TD4 HEAVY INDUSTRIES you will have to find us on the RCRockcrawl UK forum or Difflock or even Derelict Places!

Greetings to Jimmy in Spain, I hope things work out for you mate ! Fear not, you're missing very little here in cold blighty! More greetings go to my brother alexander and my best mate Damian. Hello thar.

Soon I will link this site to the glorious TD4 photobucket so you'll have some pictures to look at. This thread is worthless without pics.

That's all for now folks!